016 Bibliographies of works from specific subjects

Also, please see the Bibliography of Manuals
016.07 Journalism & publishing

  1. Galactic Central
  • Fairbanks SD Employee Training and Handbooks
  • McGraw-Hill GED software support
  • Government

  • Bibliography of Free Resource Manuals
  • Federal Consumer Information Center
  • Law

  • Paralegal and Legal Secretary Handbooks and Procedure Manuals
  • Medicine

  • Georgia Public Health’s collection of manuals and guidelines
  • The National Library of Medicine’s list of handbooks and manuals
  • OECD’s health policy manuals
  • The Philippines Department of Health catalog of manuals
  • The Rhode Island Department of Health’s list of manuals, guidelines and summary sheets
  • Military

    U.S. Military

  • A Bibliography of U.S. Military Cookbooks
  • United States Army

  • Army Field Manuals
  • Army Manuals
  • Public safety

    Emergency preparedness

  • Civil Defense manuals
  • EmergencyManuals.com
  • Oklahoma State’s list of safety manuals

  • 016.9 History

    016.92 Biography

    1. Biographies, Autobiographies and Diaries
    2. Biography and Genealogy Master Index
    3. Biography Index
    4. FamilySearch.org
    5. FamilySearchWiki.org
    6. General Biographical Sources
    7. Google search: +016.92 +biography
    8. Google search: +016.92 +memoir
    9. Index to collective biographies for young readers
    10. National and General Biography: Contents
    11. Women in American Religious History

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    1. […] I could be wrong, but there does not seem to be a unique Dewey category for user manuals. Since I can find neither a unique number nor a special attachment for existing categories, I’m going to sort of make things up as I go along. I want to construct a bibliography of user manuals (don’t ask me how I came up with that idea), so I will improvise until I get better guidance. For now, this section will reside on the main bibliographies page. […]

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