020.23 Library employment & networking (mostly Chicago area)

  1. ALA employment guide
  2. Chicago Area Archivists
  3. Chicago Area Museum Libraries
  4. Chicago State University
  5. City Colleges of Chicago
  6. Columbia College Chicago
  7. Concordia University Chicago
  8. Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois
  9. Chicago Association of Law Librarians
  10. Chicago Area Solo Librarians
  11. DePaul University
  12. Health Science Librarians of Illinois
  13. Illinois Association of College and Research Libraries
  14. Illinois Association for Educational Communication and Technology
  15. Illinois Institute of Technology
  16. Illinois Library Association

  17. Illinois Library Consortia
  18. Kellen James
  19. Kendall College
  20. Lib-Bling.com
  21. Lisjobs.com
  22. Loyola University Chicago
  23. Metropolitan Library System
  24. North Suburban Library System
  25. Northwestern Business College
  26. Robert Morris College
  27. Roosevelt University
  28. University of Chicago
  29. University of Illinois

021.6 Library networks

  1. International Coalition of Library Consortia

025.431 Web sites organized by Dewey Decimal Classification® (DDC®)

  1. The Book People Archive.
  2. The Central Mississippi Regional Library System’s DDC® page.
  3. CerfInfo.com.
  4. The University of Illinois’s Dewey® tutorial.

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