January 2008

781.66 Rock music

I used to be in this band called Government Issue. I’m the Geekazoid playing bass on the cover of this DVD from some shows we did in 1985. Please buy some of our stuff. We all need the money.

Thank you.

813.54 American fiction published between 1945-1999


He remembered only four things about his psych 101 class.

The first was that he was extremely disappointed with it. The second was that this disappointment grew into anger when it occurred to him that the class seemed to have nothing whatever to do with psychology as he knew it.

The third thing was that the eyes of horseshoe crabs are called ommatidia.

The fourth thing was that after a few weeks, he cut classes and eventually stopped going, opting instead for the early afternoon porn matinee at the art theater at the south end of town, where he would go with a friend. He remembered more about a few hours’ worth of smut than he did about a semester’s worth of introductory psychology.

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