This is another post past its sell-by date that I had to take down to remove any mention of the Dewey Decimal system. I still encourage you to read Edwards’s autobio, see Giuliani Time, and check out the political links at the BUBL site.

Former U.S. Senator John Edwards (D-N.C.) bowed out of the Democratic presidential campaign this week. Too bad. I guess the strategy that served him so well as a trial lawyer — telling horror stories of corporate neglect — didn’t work so well on the campaign trail. America is too squeamish for such gruesome tales, it seems, even though Stephen King novels fly off the shelves of my library.

If you’re up to the challenge, though, I invite you to check out Edwards’s autobiography, Four Trials. The slim volume revolves around exactly that, four product liability lawsuits that Edwards successfully prosecuted. Each lawsuit grew out of some “accident” that left its plaintiff crippled, maimed or dead. Each “accident” is more sickening than the last one. The final incident is absolutely horrifying.

I have no financial stake in this matter. I recommend the book only because it is good. It is good because Edwards’s stories are compelling. It is also good because one of my old English professors, John Auchard, had a hand in the production.

I don’t know much about Rudy Giuliani, but what I’ve seen I don’t care for, including this.

I leave you with a few more political links.