I finally got my tapes organized and found a tape I had copied exactly one year ago, with the intention of sending it off to a nice kid back in D.C. I have one blank tape and lots of old cassettes I want to copy and send his way. I guess you have to order cassettes off Amazon these days. One day I will figure out the whole tape/LP-to-mp3 mystery.

Other stuff I now know I have, due to the miracle of organization:

1. Submensas Love You — good pop punk from Damon Norko, this weird guy who used to walk around College Park with a sign safety-pinned to his coat that said “Poems 4 Sale.” The first three songs are awesome. I taped over the rest with a really great African music show on WPFW.

2. A Government Issue show from September 1985 at WYCB Music Hall (now the 9:30 Club). Not our best show, but it has its moments.

3. J.S. & the Cupids — a side project me and Stabb did in ’84 or ’85 with Steve Hansgen. All covers. This is a rehearsal of six or so songs. Following that is a killer Julian Cope concert, which I think Stabb taped off the radio.

4. Lots of tapes from WMBR: punk rock on the Late Risers Club; good obscure pop on Lost and Found; classic mento, ska and rocksteady on Bovine Ska & Rocksteady. Similar stuff from other Boston college stations.

5. Other ‘PFW shows: the Bama Hour; African Rhythms w/Prof. Kofi Kissi Dompere (whose tagline is “Oh, YES!”); Africa Speaks; Oldies House Party.

6. A tape one of my old roommates in the mid-80s left behind when he moved out. I call it “Weird Shit from Radio Free Long Island.”

7. A tape from WHFS of a short-lived show called “Real Rockin’ Metal.”

8. Other stuff. I will catalog it all in an Excel file or something one of these days.