301 Sociology and anthropology

Today’s reason: Howie Carr

I will confess that I listened to WRKO’s afternoon drive-time personality and Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr many a time. He seems to have more of a sense of humor about himself than many right-wing talk-radio hosts. He has made a name for himself chronicling Boston’s leading organized crime figures, especially Whitey Bulger. I share his contempt toward Mike Barnicle for Barnicle’s use of passages from George Carlin’s book Brain Droppings without attribution. But I had to part company with Carr when he targeted minorities, particularly Hispanics, for what I could only interpret as gratuitous, pointless harassment. Minorities in general in Boston seemed always to be working from a position of weakness, fighting against discrimination, racism and bigotry that seemed perfectly acceptable in many communities. I know such attitudes exist here in Chicago, but so far, the kinds of attitudes that seemed almost overt in Boston seem less prevalent here.