Tannahill, Reay. Sex in History. Bath, England: Scarborough House. 1982.

Sex in History was a bestseller for Tannahill back in the 1980s, translated into 11 languages. I totally missed it, even though I was a sexually obsessed twentysomething in that decade. I found this cracked, fading, lonely copy on the shelves at my library. I took pity on it and brought it home for a few weeks. Here’s a snippet from page 104, on Athenian prostitutes:

There were streetwalkers, too, with a novel soliciting technique that worked well on unpaved surfaces. One streetwalker’s sandal has survived the centuries. Studded in reverse on the sole is a message that would print itself on the roadway for the next passerby to read. The message, of course, is “Follow me.”